Friday, February 4, 2011

The Social Butterfly

i want to shake      i want to break      i want to fracture a scream
      i feel pain                i feel blame
Hey!   Im totally insane
Say my name  ONce ~  Look ~ Im totally under your spell
Just Click Your Fingers Watch Me Twirl 
     You won't hear me
                                ringing warning bells 
Im totally not that sort of girl
   Im good time
    take lines  I'll even share you mine
Just don't expect me to wait in line 
   i don't have long
Im a butterfly a social disease of pleasing 
  i cant be caught 
     close ~ is to capture 
so i flit and I split
            in and 

  out and in        
                  of the shadows in life 
 laying my scars deep
                                 and then put them to sleep
There's no question I've been touched 
im no buttercup 
im no hard core candy 
           Im what the system created  
when they made their
Steel cocoons 
SAY WHAT      ~ WHAT   ?
what did you expect from me
        a little love hmm.....

Im a Disease Born in Terror
Feed by the spoon
Of Media Hype Terrorism and Spite
I dont need to make cocktails
I Am The Bomb
      You made me
YES Even you who closes your eyes
pretend that your blind
Theres a million of me
to every one of you
we just haven't
needed to take the key
                                   yet ....


  1. fragile but yet not ~ isolated, yet the world ~ is ours for the flight #haiku for Beez