Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The drought of you

I rain dance for the drought of you

Blackbirds die in the wells of your eyes
Your chemical love
pin cushions your heart a toxic beating
Your kisses now give a death cold twist
for nothing is left in you
but the death
of you

Your spirit
I watched
Slowly committed suicide
Still is your pin cushion heart
Toxic beatings bruise the cruise
of your life
now a drought
Your hollow words
scream at me

I rain dance for the drought of you

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Take heart`

The romance written in stone
the flower a sacrificial
sells itself best on the street
pimps need not hold onto the scent here
no one cares for the perfume
in a garden grown without heart  

Butterfly Dance

whirling like sufi
dances spirals
in the air

Higher Higher
whisper the trees

Higher Higher
whispers the breeze

Aim for the sky
Aim for the sky   

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Moth

by the light of the moon
the moth pales like a geisha girl
dips her wings
into the black kohl
and disappears
into the nights eye

The Thirsty Snow

the air shatters
thin sheets of cold glass
cutting through the new born flesh of buds
roses blooms red
like droplets of blood
they disappear
the thirsty snow  

Thursday, February 17, 2011

outside with the faeries

petrified lips like slit ~
with not much more than nips to bud ~
gota catch them ~
or they'll run amuck ~
a taste of magical moments gives to empty sounds
` lost in herself ~
a playground found ~
a new family born ~
better than mother devil with horns ~
father waste who's back in the war ~
get down now on your knees ~
sounds familiar ~
let vanilla deal with that '
Im only three ~
Im going outside ~
talk to the faeries  ~

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ode` to Blue

 not so blue
 In the eyes
 they are blue
 these were called baby blues once upon a time
more bruised blue than sky blue now
 these eyes have been and seen
 and I laugh when I think about baby blues
blue for boys
pink for girls
    they didn't tell her that pink stood for the rose pink glasses she will wear
when looking at her blue blue sky

What a blanket that was of cover ups
         the blackest of blues and violet bruising blues
oh so many many blues
      cant blame a woman for feeling blue can you
and the Blues of the blues
Being played for the fool
 is it any wonder she feels the blues
each note played is a Twilight time
one that has surely hit a note or two
Yes left is a sad mark in memory
of those blues being played
theres no stain remover for the mind
believing there is only one blue that makes up the blue blue sky is like believing snow is white
and they don't use rose coloured glasses anymore

Mrs Organic Jones

Fuck me
or I'll faint
she says
underneath this desperate thread
that keeps coming undone
 when she finds herself out
of it again and again
 and again
 why won't he look at me
hes with no one else
thats plain ta fucking see
Fuck me
or I'll faint
she says
he's with that fucken' tart
what the hell has she got
at least I've got heart
oh great he's leaving her and looken at me ~ I wink and smile and wiggle my fucken big toe
here he comes
Fuck me
or i'll faint
Hello Mrs Jones
what are you doing here
Its me Ken I used to live down the road
your son used to go to the same school as me
God luv that must be some ten years or so ago
Id recognise you anywhere Mrs Jones
leaning up close says ~ you still do ya smoko
and a blow job to go...
Fuck me
or i'll faint
I thought you'd never ask
Of course love of course and aven't you grown
come on let me grab me bag
we're good to go
I don't need no face lift
or to look seventeen
all I need is me title Mrs Jones
and the rest is all organic and free

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Women Walking Talking Living the Hype

   Immediate is the Attention
That boulders
                  for shoulders
As she walks
With a trunk
she thinks with a smirk
rhymes with cunt
Like her cunt she believes
her flesh is of wood
She never feels good and
she knows her trunk is a tree
Its what everybody Everybody sees when they see

She lives within this mind set
Its in her eyes
looking out through her window
Her eyes demand
her whole soul screams
  Look At  Me  LOOK  AT  ME
What do you see
            her belief she is a tree
Furious her roots
are buried so deep

She lives alone in twisted belief
records and plays
the reels of her image
twenty four seven
spinning round and round
over and over again and again

Lets Listen In as she continues her walk

Theres a guy sitting having coffee as I pass him by
he will see Im a tree
                                  A Great Big Whale of a TREE
Perhaps he might like trees
                                  GReat Big Fucking Whales of Trees
Huh she grins with teeth tight clenched
                    Who am I trying to Kid ... He wont like me ...he's laughing already
                     He's laughing at me
                     Look at that Giant Tree - He thinks looking at me
Look at that tree
          Its a walking tree A walking talking tree
Got Great Big Logs for Legs
Look at that head
that bush on her head
I swear theres a nest of eggs

Thats me Im a sad piece of would be could be done's
Made of wood my trunk my head my logging legs
Im misunderstood

Her minds thoughts
drawn from hyped up guise
No pride is seen
in her height that stoops
               For she is tall
Big of bone large of limbs
Long of trunk
so her length gives height
But its in her eyes you see the fall
She thinks to herself
As a woman I
if of another place
perhaps yes even of another race
Would be dignified
Glorified and looked upon with pride
But not here  Not for her
Not for me
Not for I

She thinks
If only her skin perhaps a shade darker
she would not stand out
like the gum ghost tree
She'd be all and more
She'd be beautified
but alas
For her skin is white
Snow white pure of grey
With marks and lines
that stretch the time
showing the fine silvery blues of the birch

In the cold cold light of day
Her stomach
An alien landing site
Her apple her core
never far from the tree
this apple of me
This me the tree

She is but a Whale of a tree
that walks with Anger and Anguish
with no love in her heart
for herself
so no trust for herself or another
       she does not mother
her natural urges to nurture
                                    Her mind
                                            Her body
                                                      Her soul
and has allowed her spirit to leave

She suddenly Stops and looks down at me

She is looking at me now
I am looking at her
She wants to kill what she sees
In her eyes she sees not me
but the perfection of one
                          that is meant to be her

I hold her stare
I dare her to glare
with more than her eyes
for contact would be the first reach to my disguise
           I too am a fellow tree
for within this slim slight body of mine
I see a body
that bushes clumpy and frumpy
           she sees me as perfect and right
a body that would give her
the love she seeks in life
I wish I could tell her
this body is dying
for all she desires
is starving itself
to a death
that weighs religiously each day
a kilo or two
leads me to starving and spewing
I am
but a ghost gum of myself
For I
Like you
Also live in the woods
I too cant see the forest
for all of us trees

Monday, February 14, 2011

A poem of Homeless&Mental Health ~ My friend Strawberries

My friend Strawberries is a real person and friend
she has
terracotta hair
     shaped like a veranda
heavy of breath
 each day
each day
           aways looking for food for warmth
for a sparkle for shine
                             for a kind word
a helping hand
she isn't so young
she isn't so old
she looks ancient
she looks mad
she is mad
at the world
She is mad at those who live in it
that are the Caretakers of this world
who are blind to Strawberries
                pushing pushing heavy of breath
     pushing her mobile house
          sometime trolly
 bag  and lorry
             each day pushing
waddling heavy of breath
I say hello Hello
              I shout HELLO  I Have Strawberries Want to share
i know
    i know
       I  Don't know ~
   How to talk to you ~
    Would you Do you  Want some strawberries
Cunt cunt cunt cunt she waddles up
     heavy of breath
              pushing her mobile house
                    sometime bag and lorry
Today with strawberries 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dream I am

Touched by the misty mornings light 
kisses whispered across my blue eyes 
with surprise I am looking out of myself 
looking down at me in my dream 

I am the sky 
looking now into my eyes 
white clouds drift on by 
An extraordinary view of me lays below 
so vast am I now spreading out of myself
I become the sea that is mirrored 
in my blue blue eyes 

I look deep within 
and see I am now 
but a mere speck of myself  
I close my eyes 
as white soft tides of surf
brings me ~   back in 

ssh ~ quiet falls

in silence

her innocence
like snow
those giant hands
sculpture her body
into the future
by three

nothing will ever be
so white


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pieces of me

Pieces of me
I keep finding
In the most unusual places
Pieces of me that are leaving
that I thought I needed
to protect me
keep me safe
I no longer need

Pieces of me
within me
I buried long ago
with fear
that creeped into my sleep at night
became nightmares from past times
slowly moving out of me
letting me
let the past go

I still don't sleep a full nights sleep
I still sometimes not sleep at all
But there are new pieces of me
I never knew were there
but feel familiar
and don't make me feel so small

These pieces are new to me
and are giving me
something new
Pieces of me that I call hope
that let me start to dream again
that give me courage
to be me

Is that a mermaid or a butterfly

I lay under the sun ~
with a tail that i fling ~
and wings ~ Yes wings GIANT luminous wings ~
That can take me gliding wherever my whim ~
I am mermaid and butterfly ~
Im what I want to be ~
When I lay under the sun ~ In my skin ~

Can you see All of me ~
Im so beautiful don't you think ~
In my mermaid tail and butterfly wings ~
Most would say Im rather unique ~
But its not for this that You seek ~
I understand that you are weak ~
that you admire beauty that's not skin deep ~

Yes Yes I know and there is no denying this is so ~
for beautiful is the skin ~
But don't you think you've been ripped off ~
Being conditioned just to think ~
that beauty is the outer skin ~

If you would just take the time to look within ~
and see me internally ~
not just externally ~
I might let you in on the tale ~
like my wings they're not real ~
this is all just surreal ~
to get you thinking ~
for once ~
past ~
your ~
own ~
beautiful ~

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ivy climbs the wall

Weaving in and out
Ivy takes a climb
Her long braided vines falling free
As she sidles down the other side
Of the wall
Then wanders off to explore
In her unkept style  

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Finding The I ~ In Pride

I stand by the edge of myself ~
have i really come this far ~
it seems only yesterday ~
I saw no further than the ground ~
I hold my head high ~
continue my journey ~
with Pride 


we hesitate in the eye of beauty
a flower full bloom
and baby buds

to look and admire
what to take or cut
do we really have to do either

a models life
in the negative
is nipped in the bud

why not full bloom
why is not ~ what is open and ready
to late

when did this fetal curl become
the cum to the human hold
for the rove of the beholder man

and why is this that the belly the beholder of buds
does nothing but shrug or shudder
worse cuts their very own
from nipple still nurturing thirsty

a mothers daughter
a fathers daughter
humanities sleaze

oh moon

oh moon you scare me ~
when Im alone ~
and you hide yourself ~
behind the clouds
and leave me standing '
in the dark
Play tricks with me so I can see
only half of you for a quarter
like a mile of the time
Or when your full of yourself ... Oh Moon
You do make me cross
    for its then that you ignore me
and pout and shine
    for all who look up to you
but Oh Moon Oh Moon    When I look at you and I do Look up to you ~
You bathe me in your light and for the most part
You are there for me every night
and thats why I love You moon  I do I do I do oh moon oh Moon Oh Moon 

Organic dreams

I shed what has been covering my skin
 and become my true organic self again
I lay under the stars
 and fall asleep
in the arms of my mother

Im alright

I had a friend
She was gentle
fragile, small
   and scared
We sat together
   and lay together
We shared our thoughts and our
We talked together and walked together
we held hands
We were friends
We both had pet names
          Her name was Kat and my name was Kit
and Both of us had given up our life
    and Both of us wanted a life
We talked together about our lives
   We shared our dreams
     and tried to understand our pains
Most of all we just held hands
   and tried hard to help each other stand
I loved this friend of mine
   and when she died
                  so did I
They took her life and told a lie
said she had committed suicide
The night she died
   as I laid alone and cried
she tapped on my window and told me
   she was alright and said goodbye

Friday, February 4, 2011

This Bloody Land

The swollen roots
  Rise out from the gums
Surfacing like a thin dry mouth
 the land smacks their messages of thirst
Heard screaming
 like the swollen bellies
of a starving child
 through the fierce blows
 of the cruel northerly wind
That bleeds messages of hopelessness
 Over the red hot razor sands

The Social Butterfly

i want to shake      i want to break      i want to fracture a scream
      i feel pain                i feel blame
Hey!   Im totally insane
Say my name  ONce ~  Look ~ Im totally under your spell
Just Click Your Fingers Watch Me Twirl 
     You won't hear me
                                ringing warning bells 
Im totally not that sort of girl
   Im good time
    take lines  I'll even share you mine
Just don't expect me to wait in line 
   i don't have long
Im a butterfly a social disease of pleasing 
  i cant be caught 
     close ~ is to capture 
so i flit and I split
            in and 

  out and in        
                  of the shadows in life 
 laying my scars deep
                                 and then put them to sleep
There's no question I've been touched 
im no buttercup 
im no hard core candy 
           Im what the system created  
when they made their
Steel cocoons 
SAY WHAT      ~ WHAT   ?
what did you expect from me
        a little love hmm.....

Im a Disease Born in Terror
Feed by the spoon
Of Media Hype Terrorism and Spite
I dont need to make cocktails
I Am The Bomb
      You made me
YES Even you who closes your eyes
pretend that your blind
Theres a million of me
to every one of you
we just haven't
needed to take the key
                                   yet ....

Love can make you Can Can in a Dream

When I look at you
I feel myself falling
  I'm Falling through time
I'm Falling through space
   Im so flaming high and
       I'm looking at you from above
falling from the heights of the skies
I look down and I see you holding my hand
     Your kissing my lips and if thats not enough
Im doing the Can Can ~ up here in the sky
     no parachute or net ! Just me in a Dream
Falling for you
Im hitching a ride now ~ Cloud Nine floats on by,
   As I look into your eyes
I see A band starts to jam ~ I know this music
     "It must be LOVE" love love  ¨
I see a crowd and hear them sing out !
Im nearly There, Thank God for that!
  My hand softly touches your hair
 and now Im looking at you, and you ask me  "Where have I been"
       I tell you I've been falling, falling in Love
and you ask me "Where is that at"
  "With You"   I answer   With You

Into the heart

I saw a thousand beautiful lights
I was looking into the heart
   of but one
A mind that lights up the night
The night of a thousand lights
   and thats when I saw love
Beneath a diamond sky
  shimmering in luminous mist,  Like eternity
and I cried out
   Let me stay
               in this bright bright beautiful world
and then we were
                        and you  Born ahead of your time
and like the light You shined within
now eternal with me 

where the wild flowers grow

When we were together ~ in this world ~ you picked me wild flowers ~ and placed one in my hair ~ I lay and close my eyes ~ and wait for you to come ~ you are the breeze ~ gently touching my hand ~ I reach out ~ running through tall grasses with you ~ screaming out, I release your name ~  Im free to let you go now and open my eyes ~ all is still ~ you have gone ~ in my hair ~ a wild flower  ~ your goodbye