Saturday, May 26, 2012


sparse not white 
hollow no echo 
the soundless hum of air 
with no bars
a hostage
of denial
less than 
two feet from reach
I could have been on the moon 
how many distances 
have passed between us 
and I like an ant 
and they above in a plane perhaps
look down 
and see a multitude of specks 
Im so small 
inside and out 
smaller than an ant
and time is enormous
in the abandonment
distance and time
can be as close
as you and I 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Dance of Odd Balls

Such is the dance
that leaves odd balls
lost in life
sitting in dark corners
wearing masks
sugar coated
with nothing real inside

don't even know yourself
                             to fill quarter of a room
never alone
                The kiss kiss
BIG smiles
pleased to sees YOU's
popularity poles
that all
love to cling
slide and swing

NO YOU sit and hide shy
with that shell of yours
WHATS to talk of
star signs ?
and whats more frightening
to being out of it
or in
that shell you carry
like a crab has
     on its back
moving sideways
never fronting your fears
not even when you catch a glimpse
of yourself
do you stand Tall Proud
   and reflect
          your reflection
even that of your own image
that you now make
since long ago
the gods must be crazy parents
you propped up on pedestals
and left you to deal with a world
your so quick to reject

But here's the deal
once you give in
You give up on yourself
and all of the above is going to become
                           your lowest point in the world
your not a sad reflection
your not an affliction
Don't let the phonies
push you back
in that shell
Get out now
                      while you can
Stop living your life in a trance
or this will be
your last chance
to show the world
Odd balls
can dance

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The I in the Icing of Me and Myself

As I surrender
into the was'es of is'es
I find myself falling
out of the me
an into the am
that should have been
the I
in the Icing
of me
on the cake
of eating and having
it all
in the future
of I I I's
instead Im still here
wandering in a maze
of the was'es and is'es
of the me am's and I's
Oh what does it take
to find
the true self of
Me Myself and I 

Monday, March 26, 2012

Ode To The Fallen Stars

seem like an ink stain
standing out of your head
thoughts struggle
like a drowning
all arms and legs

so deep in the see
you don't notice
a thing that's said

                            feel like an out strung
being strung up for dead
who cares
no matter if the night falls
only wishing you would look
out side your head

See That Star
                     all arms and legs
like an octopus
in shallow waters
left breathless
with these thoughts in your head
cant seem to shake the urgent
to talk the need
cant find the words for want
but we all used to look
to the stain of the night
with luck
locking heads
on a fallen star
all arms and legs
we held out our hands

Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Strange Affair ~ Depression

The kiss
of promise
to always be
the quiet of me
like cold death
Oh Jealous Lover
it has always been you

The sadness of a cross
lays like a crucifixion
in darkness
this sordid affair
you call me
and I crawl the weight of you
your breath like humidity
takes mine
in the kiss

you know me well
you hide behind a veil
the clouds are now my eyes

such a strange affair
my only companion
since I was when
You were there then
took over my dreams
my youth
even my illusions
turned disillusions

how you wear me down
I've carried you for years
Im so tired
my back has turned me on myself

my control freak friend
Im just concerned
how this affair will end
I find myself
trying to hide things from you
even the scars that cut deep
with your name
till i was blue
but somehow you have a hand
in that too

You have convinced
the world that you are needed
they worship you
write your name
in script
and in turn
you have turned viral

Taking the world on
with a force
of quiet submission
I lay in wait for your one mistake
my control freak friend
my jealous lover
    and when you do
I will be there
ready for you
as all lovers do

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Full Bloom

the fragility of rose
full bloom
her fall from the crown
tiny droplets
of blood red petals
spread across the earth
for an instant
then gone
with the wind
only her empty crown
and I
who bear witness
to the existence of rose
full bloom 

Monday, January 23, 2012

Twins of Summertime

the pregnancy
to the end of a day
gives bursts
to giant rain clouds
of blood red
that fill the sky
like a fired furnace

stretch marks of deep violet blues
and coil the red flames
in this furnace
a burning
of summers day

screaming's of birth
tantrums of thunder
as an explosion
of  blood red
      gives way
from the belly
of the sky
      and the waters break
giant drops of rain

the sun slips
into the wet mouth
of the sea
swallowed whole
in a day
the birth of darkness
is born '
bearing full its moon
on the horizon
we call this time

Sunday, January 22, 2012

There are two I's in Origami

the origami Of I
written on paper
I fold myself
inside out
till i am no more a muse
a poem
or haiku
I am picked up
a one night stand
by the wind
and just as I cling
Im let go
curled like a leaf
I am
from the tree
that once held me
made no promises
to keep me
I am origami
I am paper thin
I cut sharp
and you bleed
my words out
like there is
no tomorrow
I am me
a piece of poetry
that neither rhymes
or for some
has rind
but I am amused
by all my origami art
made without paper
but folded
none the less
with words