Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My buddy Moish & Sunflowers a favourite of Beez 

Sunday, April 24, 2011

If I was a flower

If I was a flower
I would be a dandelion
weed of the daisy flower

so it reads
from the dictionary

Why?  you ask
because I loved the dandelion
when I was just a wee bloom
and I remember
Your a sunflower
You come from the sun

Your seeds were the drops of sunlight kisses
that grew within the round body of earth
Its obvious to me
such vibrancy in colour
bright sunny yellow

I would find you
in fields of green lush
or even between the rubble
such a treasure you were like gold

You grew strong and bold
holding your heads up high
you faced the sun
proud, and the breeze would spread
your seeds you hid
in your tufty downs of hair

Within your stalks
protected by a rosette of leaves
that grew sharp like
teeth of lions
Was the milk you held
to feed the young seeds
that sprung

I knew then
You were a mother
of the blooms

When I was three
I played with your blooms
making daisy chains
and wedding bands
even a tiara for my hair
when I was three and all alone
You were always there for me

If i was a flower, I would be a dandelion

In the Quiet

In the quiet 
is the remembering of you
In the quiet
is the mornings that I held  you
In the quiet
is the missing of you
In the quiet is your cry 
I still hear 
In the quiet of night
like a child 
I still fear

In the quiet 
there is I 
Being quiet 
a secret 
of being
told to be quiet

Now quiet 
       so quiet 
I feel I want to scream 
and try 
          a quiet scream 
Is all I know 

I cant save you 
like I thought
your now so young 
and Im so old 
we have grown apart
I don't know you anymore
and you don't know me 
we used to trust
each other
protect each other
but I have grown
and you have stayed behind
as me at three
so quiet
till now

You wake me up
in nightmarish dreams
I hear you scream
only to wake
and find its me
You whisper things
that a child
shouldn't know
You cry tears
through my eyes
and now your depressed
and the doctors
are filling my head
with your mess
Im now trying to hide from you 
Like they hid me
from the world 

and now I have hid from myself
and the world
and now its too late
theres no way to go back 
there is no way to explain you 
there is no way You can talk 
and I don't even know how 

All I know is how to be quiet
Im sorry I left you behind
I can't tell you what happen
Like you can't speak for me now 
     You have to go
I can't have you in this world 
No one listened
         No one is listening now

Theres no place for  you here
Im all grown up  
     and Im frightened of you
Im not sure of what you saw 
of what you know

and I don't want to know 
its far too late for all of that 
be still now 
please be quiet  

Friday, April 22, 2011

Painting the night

As darkness falls
Shavings of nights carbon
fill the pupils of my eyes
blinks of black ink
from the filling wells
as my lashes dip
painting the night with my eyes

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Taken by the wind

In a dream I had
under a light
you stood so small
your arms open wide
like the beautiful blooms
of a flower
I once was
I reach out
and suddenly
a gust of wind

I am falling
separating from myself
into a thousand little pieces
blown away like blooms now fallen
I wake in frantic cry
Holding on to myself
wondering who am I 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

War of the Gardens

A gardens at wars
as each struggle
for their respected space
first daffodils
trumpet their colours
as the leaves fall
trees are stripped and frisked by the cold touch of winds force
hedged in against their will
the wild weeds take rose
her thorns pose no threat
against these seasoned pirates
as they trample violets patch
leaving their purple bruising petals
gasping for light
suffocating they lay hidden
underneath the lavender's skirts watching in fearful wilt
as Ivy climbs the walls
tumbling over
to freedom 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Finding Grace in a landslide

Around her landslide of age
Falls a tangled mass of wild flower and vine
where ravens wings shadowed her light
nesting in the black holes of her eyes
'There is a saying isn't there ~ she thinks
about something beautiful happening
as one leaves life for death
She looks back to her reflection and sees no more of the ravens
they have finally gone and left her
Now a horizon of pale blue cloudy skies
reflect in her wizened eyes
As her strength gives out and she can no longer hold on
the landslide of age falls
She can finally say no
To the master of wants
for she is only a visiter of herself
Choosing instead to fall with grace
she holds on to her life lines
smiling wide her landscape
refusing to give in to the cry for yesterdays child
she decides to stay true to her original self
let the landslide do its worse
She has survived far more than this.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

we knew things

Illusions of perfect change
just a little late
this fortune teller
should have been here
last night

Oh we knew some things, we did
as we poured the blood of christ
and christ did we pour our hearts out
laugh about our plights
all of this and so much more
politics stood for its rights
all in a night
we knew some things
didn't we
if it wasn't for the light
we could have stayed
here in the dark
all night

In the bright of day
inspiration lays empty
as sleeping falls
the only sparkle on the floor
hit by the morns first light