Friday, September 30, 2011

The Only Cuttlefish Left Are Sepia

an album of cuttlefish
a life before hers
all in sepia
a past of strangers
staring motionless
she turns the page
that freezes before her
then like an ink stain
the reddish brown spills a screen saver
in memory
fluid of the past
falling before her eyes
a black veil of grief
dipped in a nothingness of madness and disbelief
as dolphins and whales are disappearing
now extinct
the cuttlefish,
their ink
this, was their defence?
not enough to save their species
from the one hand that filled a fountain
to pen their trust

now turn the page
nothing blooms of colour
their only memories left
like the cuttlefish
a photograph browned
in a sepia sea
a dolphin a whale