Sunday, April 24, 2011

If I was a flower

If I was a flower
I would be a dandelion
weed of the daisy flower

so it reads
from the dictionary

Why?  you ask
because I loved the dandelion
when I was just a wee bloom
and I remember
Your a sunflower
You come from the sun

Your seeds were the drops of sunlight kisses
that grew within the round body of earth
Its obvious to me
such vibrancy in colour
bright sunny yellow

I would find you
in fields of green lush
or even between the rubble
such a treasure you were like gold

You grew strong and bold
holding your heads up high
you faced the sun
proud, and the breeze would spread
your seeds you hid
in your tufty downs of hair

Within your stalks
protected by a rosette of leaves
that grew sharp like
teeth of lions
Was the milk you held
to feed the young seeds
that sprung

I knew then
You were a mother
of the blooms

When I was three
I played with your blooms
making daisy chains
and wedding bands
even a tiara for my hair
when I was three and all alone
You were always there for me

If i was a flower, I would be a dandelion

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  1. Beautiful thoughts expressed here. I especially like the last two verses ...Clara