Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Strange Affair ~ Depression

The kiss
of promise
to always be
the quiet of me
like cold death
Oh Jealous Lover
it has always been you

The sadness of a cross
lays like a crucifixion
in darkness
this sordid affair
you call me
and I crawl the weight of you
your breath like humidity
takes mine
in the kiss

you know me well
you hide behind a veil
the clouds are now my eyes

such a strange affair
my only companion
since I was when
You were there then
took over my dreams
my youth
even my illusions
turned disillusions

how you wear me down
I've carried you for years
Im so tired
my back has turned me on myself

my control freak friend
Im just concerned
how this affair will end
I find myself
trying to hide things from you
even the scars that cut deep
with your name
till i was blue
but somehow you have a hand
in that too

You have convinced
the world that you are needed
they worship you
write your name
in script
and in turn
you have turned viral

Taking the world on
with a force
of quiet submission
I lay in wait for your one mistake
my control freak friend
my jealous lover
    and when you do
I will be there
ready for you
as all lovers do


  1. This is amazing Beez -- totally feel it and get it. Amazing how we feel a weird companionship with our demons, but we do. And "the clouds are now my eyes" -- magnificent :) -- SMA

  2. "even my illusions turned disillusions"

    Crazy good, Beez. That line shows how the d-word can permeate the deep recesses of our lives. This friend, though, I'd rather not meet again.