Friday, February 4, 2011

Love can make you Can Can in a Dream

When I look at you
I feel myself falling
  I'm Falling through time
I'm Falling through space
   Im so flaming high and
       I'm looking at you from above
falling from the heights of the skies
I look down and I see you holding my hand
     Your kissing my lips and if thats not enough
Im doing the Can Can ~ up here in the sky
     no parachute or net ! Just me in a Dream
Falling for you
Im hitching a ride now ~ Cloud Nine floats on by,
   As I look into your eyes
I see A band starts to jam ~ I know this music
     "It must be LOVE" love love  ¨
I see a crowd and hear them sing out !
Im nearly There, Thank God for that!
  My hand softly touches your hair
 and now Im looking at you, and you ask me  "Where have I been"
       I tell you I've been falling, falling in Love
and you ask me "Where is that at"
  "With You"   I answer   With You

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