Saturday, February 5, 2011

Im alright

I had a friend
She was gentle
fragile, small
   and scared
We sat together
   and lay together
We shared our thoughts and our
We talked together and walked together
we held hands
We were friends
We both had pet names
          Her name was Kat and my name was Kit
and Both of us had given up our life
    and Both of us wanted a life
We talked together about our lives
   We shared our dreams
     and tried to understand our pains
Most of all we just held hands
   and tried hard to help each other stand
I loved this friend of mine
   and when she died
                  so did I
They took her life and told a lie
said she had committed suicide
The night she died
   as I laid alone and cried
she tapped on my window and told me
   she was alright and said goodbye


  1. I Cannot Judge

    I cannot judge
    We all have our reasons
    My mom was bipolar
    That was my childhood
    One giant looney
    Tennis match
    Back and forth
    Up and down
    And the pain was always
    Somebody else's fault
    Oh, I became the world's
    Youngest therapist
    With my mother
    But somehow I lost
    Some of my childhood
    In the process
    Then my time came
    Time for my own healing
    I had options
    It wasn't a dead end
    I had help
    Others, therapists and Nature
    I was lucky
    I made it to the other side
    I can still live
    In a crazy world
    And see the beauty
    Feel the mighty ebb and flow
    Of Spirit
    When I need the time
    I take it
    I'm honest
    About where I'm at
    Rant, mourn, recreate
    Crying down at the beach
    But I come out the other side
    Spit onto the sand
    Like the most precious
    Opalescent shell
    Clean and fresh
    Ready to be filled.


  2. wow Im totally buzzed by your words how wonderful you are to just share all that with ME! What lives we have What life are we born into.... Dear Dear Tiger what life was for you as a child and young boy to man The Wonders Of You .. the poem above is a true experience my friend was murdered and the killers got away with what they did.. her death was called a suicide ... and it is true that only a few moments it would have been that she has died I heard a knock knock knock on the window of where I was... her voice calling me telling me Im alright she said Im alright and then she told me goodbye ... :) Thank you so very much for sharing with me.... and Hey I am too a water sign Cancer :))

  3. Even with the twitter of hummingbirds
    And the buzzing of the bees
    We are finding ways to go deeper
    Amidst pain, we find our ease.

    Love you-Tiger