Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Please don't make Stupid Soup

what is maybe your interpretation of stupid
to another maybe all they know
war & spite economics rules our life
lets find our way back to giving and caring
and just doing the decent thing
its not really that hard
have patience with the so called stupidity of another
there is always going to be those who
were born into this world of ours
with out a parent who knows
without people who care
without love
that are lead into despair
who practice unreasonable things
who say and do the unremarkable
but never the less may hurt or be hurt
squashing those who are naive to their loads
is not ever going to help
make the stupid go away
all it will do is make
stupid soup
to feed the minds the follow your way...,,,


  1. Our imperfections are the very source of our personality, and where would we be without personality.

    Perfection is like a reed that tries to hold still in the wind, and breaks.

    I like what you write here, very much! :)

  2. I like this Beez. "Stupid Soup". I won't forget this one.

  3. Thankyou Dear Clara and Matt ~ Thank you both indeed I really feel very strong about this word & how it is abused thrown around used to degrade a another its really awful .. thankQ for leaving a comment I so appreciate this Your the best :))

  4. They could market stupid soup - oh I think they already do!!!

    Love you and the way you express yourself

  5. Tolerance is knowing we're all fallible. :)