Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Gun in My Hand ~ Tick Tock Tick Tock

Day or night
there was no sleep
there was no day
there was no night
there was only fear
in fear there is no fight
there is no flight
wings are clipped
and fight is flight
and there is no flight
because your wings
exist no more

Day and night
the knife in the eyes
blink you loose
try to sleep
I take your eyes
not a tear not one tear
fell from these eyes

breathe on tippy toes
dont let the monster know
see through the six sense
even ten would not be enough
your food is intuition
thats all the heart beat has
To try and feel what next
  the monster minds
      in his nest

Mind games of
              no rules or destination
no corners for the captive
Just sharp sharp edges
In the dark recesses of the monster nest
    And in this nest
           an egg rest
shiny cold dark brutal death
Its hatching is loaded
Just waiting
       like a last breath

She picks up the egg so carefully
as though this egg could break
fragile dark death
She knows now life's fragile spot
she knows where this spot is hidden
what a clever monster this is..
She holds the egg to the monsters head
while the monster sleeps
his meal off
  of you

You think
tick tock
tick tock
tick tock
but a bar is there within you
You try your hardest to crack the egg
but your mind has lost control
Its hands its fingers are frozen and numb
You know it cant be done
and so
 tick tock
 tick tock
you run
knowing if nothing changes
he'll find you
and kill you


  1. This one is scary,
    and sad,
    and effective.

  2. Wow... There's a lot of emotion here. I can tell how you try to get your feelings across by the images that you put in here.