Saturday, May 7, 2011

The longest Day Child

During day light hours the masks of the boogyman'
cover the faces of hell
Soapsuds put shine on the Have a Nice Days
whilst boogyman now smiles waiting 
for the end of the day 

Into the car 
and off to the school 
Always the longest day 
thats always the rule

Never has a child wished 
that a day would just stay a day
never end just be a day always a day 

Have a nice day 
says the boogyman
with the face of the father
bang bang with his horn
see your after school 

Did ever a child so quiet 
in school 
play lonely games 
of how long can a child 
stay invisible today

The smiles of a child who's father is the boogyman
Eager to please haunted with greed of attention
Seeks the child within 
like a thief this child creeps 
no one likes this troubled child
who just cant sit still long enough
Or sits still for far too long
who never reads or wants to sings songs
who steals and screams and wheels and deals
And She's Only Five ~
Hear the Teachers  Cry!

At night ~ this child,  paints a blue sky with her eyes
she grows wings ` and Says to the boogyman
You Can't Catch Me  Im so High In my blue blue sky
You cant touch me now
but every night when she tries to take flight
the boogyman's hands have grown to the other side
He is always bigger higher taller than she can ever fly

His hands have flames that burn with pain
His eyes have hooks and
his words are big giants that gobble her words
that cover her face making her choke as she swallow herself inside
looking for a place to hide
She can never complain
Instead her pain takes her away and Gives her a name
and replaces her with someone brave
who shields her pain until its day

When she tried to tell her mother
the night time hurt her
Her mother laughed ~ and told her father
When she tried to tell her mother
that the boogyman was her father
Her mother told her
Her father loved her

Remember the child in the corner of school
who played imaginary games
and screamed at rules
who's friends were all invisible
who spoke languages unknown
who shied and spied and stole
and cajoled
who cried and whimpered like a scared dog
if anyone tried to touch her locks

or sat alone   staring into space
who didn't speak   was quiet and bleak
who's eyes looked sooo dark
for a child of five
who couldn't look you in the eye

who often seem wide eyed asleep
and could never remember 
the a b c's 
Then this maybe 
the longest day 

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  1. Beezknez ... Thanks so much for sharing this. Your poem is well done, and speaks loudly,yet quietly, of the horrors of the most despicable child abuse. "When The Night Hurts" is what I am going to call this one, and hope it is a reminder to all that it can be the reason a child is "bad" the next day. The night hurt him/her. You are beautiful Beezknez!