Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Snow Job

The blazing sun
startles the land
like a loaded gun
but not even in such glare
could you see past the surface
to the depths
of this tragic despair

This land that had once been alive
now bares the ivory white teeth of gums
like a rape
its blood clotted dry
These old ghosts
line up under the hot sun
like witness
to the nakedness
of the snow job
cruel hands in white gloves

The cold winds at night
howl the terrifying sounds
of stolen generations
Their souls stud a sea of unknown darkness
waiting like an outcast
in this rain of stripped color and skin
animals find there grief filled hunger
fed like a cover job
to the rusted sands

If you stop to listen
sound has no echo here
all that was
and ever is
and will be
has been suspended
in mid air
imagine then if you will
the mother and the child
being torn apart
In the middle of nowhere
where fishermen
use lines of lies to hook
and steal
from the deep
the dreaming time


  1. Sad...for me, the poem echoes the tragic silence of that what has been stolen from us.

  2. Your words struck my heart like a lightning bolt...much love to you x

  3. Your beautiful words stab the soul like knives of ice, beez..necessary, and memorable...

  4. Beez,
    Another piece of beautiful poetry. I loved the imagery you have created for us to see. It is so nice to be able to visualize through the words.