Friday, June 24, 2011

My blue blue blues bleed too

Im the addict of blues
Red slashes of blooms
In my veins
I share room with a blue fit lady
Who lives in a sheer glass tube

Strange friends we are and came to be
one night
you were there
my soul was stripped bare

That night you remember
when you held my arm so tight
entered me with the tiniest bite
like a little vampire lover you were mine that  night
and now I am yours
You watched while my spirit
committed suicide
and decided to revive
my mind
and now
me every single day
and at night you fill me like life
with the sweet warmth of a lullaby
sweet blooms
of red
like a beautiful silk slash
I wear you inside
Your my blue blue veil
to my pain
nobody knows
my true identity
just a name

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