Saturday, March 5, 2011

God Made Blue Wish

her film of naked skin
not rigid like religion
but just as sacred
was about to be pressed
in blue bruising print

the priest had taught him
as a hymn
how to stand rigid
and swallow the holy
sacrament of deeds

Be good
to me
and God will save your soul
You are but a caterpillar
waiting to be transformed
if you are good
God will save you
I am here to teach you
the meaning of
now close your eyes
and pray for your wings
a blue butterfly
is what you will be
but first you must show
your God
Good deeds

knees are kneeled
into concrete minds
where young boys pray
the unheard prey
turning hims to hymns
singing the sacrificed blues
of deeds condoned
for young boys bones grow
and who's to know
when they go home
that the trusted priest
is a wolf amongst the sheep
and the good sheep sleep
while lambs be slaughtered
in the name of the father
not even he blinked an eye

and here many years later
still the same prayer
She did not move
when they came
like the days
of yester years
she knew
what needed to be done

Even the uniforms
they wore were blue
they knew she
was a blue butterfly
she knew they knew
of his caterpillar life

How pornographic
had been what she was trained to do
the metamorphosis of blue
the transformation of fur to wings
did not bring freedom
just captive within

and now the priest words had come true
the caterpillar was gone
instead he was a she
a blue butterfly
who had done the good deeds
kept rigid and still
never had she spilled
a word
not even to You God
Not even to You
but you knew didn't you

memory of a friend ..... "Wish"

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